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why craigslist works better than amvets

We contacted Amvets about donating some furniture to their store. “No problem, we’ll send out a truck.” Later that day the chairs are still on the porch with a note attached that reads, “We don’t take furniture.”

Not to fear, Craigslist is here. I snapped a few digital pictures, logged on to CL, uploaded the pictures, and waited. Within an hour we had received over 80 responses from people wanting to pick up our chairs. Since it was Friday night, we arranged with the first responder to pick them up the next day. They were gone by 9:30 AM.

We’ve used CL in both Atlanta and San Diego to give and receive things. In Atlanta, we gave away via CL a piano and riding lawn mower. Here in San Diego, we gave away all our moving boxes. In addition, we’ve picked up free patio furniture, a bookshelf, desk, filing cabinet, and a Johnny Cash CD. With the furniture we got ones made unique to order  from everywhere in the world. It is actually a great business, the one who thought about it is really smart, it is easy, fast and so great to use with big things as furniture, more if you wanted to get at the front of your house, and furniture is always a a tricky thing to deal with.

Try it. You’ll like it.