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Why I love our church

Redwood trees are among the tallest living things on earth. They can grow up to 400 feet in height (35 story building). But they don’t reach these towering heights by sinking their roots deep into the ground.

The roots actually only go down 6-12 feet and yet these trees rarely fall over. They w/ stand winds, earthquakes, fires, storms, and flooding.

How can something weigh up to 500 tons, reach over 350 feet in height, and live for many centuries with roots only going down about 10 feet?

Their root system is intertwined w/ other redwood trees. Interlocked.

YOU: A healthy church is like the redwood trees. We grow taller and stronger — we are better people when we connect as community.

I love the fact that we have small groups who provide meals for each other whenever one of their members needs help.

I love the fact that we have a team of Stephen Ministers who sacrifice time each week to spend listening and praying with people.

I love the fact that many of you serve in a children’s classroom on Saturday night and come back to worship on Sunday morning.

I love the fact that we have an increasing number of adults who are mentoring our junior and senior high students.

I love the fact that about 10 teenagers gathered on a snowy Saturday to help Truett and Shana Mickey move into their new apartment.

I love the fact that several of our young adults got together to make crafts that will be sold to benefit our missions partners.

I love the fact that when Tony and Freddie Herrera needed help with car repairs that you gave immediately and you gave generously.

I love the fact that we have two of our members are spending their own time and money to form a new non-profit called Bridge of Hope that will serve single moms and their children.

I love the fact that when Inversion Community, new church in HR, was getting started, that Daniel helped them w/ worship on Sunday nights.

And I love the fact that we were able to bless them with a $5,000 gift that purchased their grand opening postcards.

I love the fact that when we asked you to pray over the decision to submit a back-up offer on Denver Christian, you prayed. And last week nearly 80% of you said you were in favor of moving forward and we had over a million dollars pledged. Many who said yes did so even with questions and concerns.

I love the fact that our elders wrestled over this decision with much prayer and discussion.

I love the fact that – at this time – we have decided to stay put and not submit a back-up offer. In end, we did not have a clear call from God.

We still have much opportunity and potential right here. God has clarified our mission and vision and we are moving forward.

And we need your help. We have empty seats that need your friend or neighbor sitting in them. We have a mortgage to eliminate and ministries to fund. Many of the concerns you expressed last weekend are real and the solutions are sitting in this room.

We will not be Halfway Baptist Church. That’s not who we are.

We are Mountainview.

We have a mission to Glorify God, Grow in Jesus, and Go into the World.

We have a vision to foster a movement to start healthy campuses and churches in and around South Denver.

I love my church.

It’s why I want as many people as possible to know about our church