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wise, foolish, and evil

Dr. Henry Cloud spoke at the Summit about three kinds of people in this world: the wise, the foolish, and the evil.  While a little (or lot) of each exists in each of us, some make a career out of it.

The key question is: what do you do when presented with the light of truth?

The wise are thankful for the light.  The light helps them improve.  The light points out weak spots.  When you confront a wise person, they are likely to say, “Thank you.”

The foolish try to adjust the light.  They adjust the truth.  Or put this way: the fool tries to change the truth rather than change themselves.  My favorite line?  When feedback is given and the first reflex is to find an excuse — that person is squinting into the light.

The evil?  Some people simply have destruction in their hearts and want to inflict pain.  Enough said.

As a leader, we need to know how to handle each type of person if for no other reason than we are one …