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working for the Man

We returned to San Diego to start LifePoint Christian Church in 2005. In 2007 I began working a second full-time job in order to allow the church time and space to grow without the burden of paying for a full-time pastor. Since then I have worked as the ecommerce manager for Blue Haven Pools and Spas Supplies Direct. I thought I would share a few random observations, for my three readers out there …

1. Working two jobs is tough. Physically, emotionally, etc. I have a much greater appreciation for those who must work two jobs in order to make a living wage. I also have a greater awareness of the need to be in better physical shape.

2. Working full-time outside the church means less time devoted to church stuff
. It’s basic math. Working 45-50 hours at a day job means that much of my pastoring must be down at night and on weekends. This includes writing my messages on Saturday, something I never would have done otherwise. It also means that I feel unable to do all the things necessary to help the church grow.

3. Working full-time outside the church can be a blessing
. Being an “undercover pastor” in the workforce has its benefits. I get to hear how people really feel about church without them dressing it up because they’re talking to a pastor. I also have the opportunity to show how a Christ-follower handles stress, challenges, and opportunities.

4. Being bi-vocational requires a good team of volunteers
. Church plants live and die with volunteers. Working outside the church means that I must be able to effectively recruit and inspire volunteers.

5. Working outside the church is a low-cost way to plant in high-cost areas
. If a pastor is able to work in the marketplace, it dramatically reduces the amount of seed money needed to start a new church. This can allow for more churches to be started where working capital might be limited.

6. Working two jobs is not a long term solution
. Ideally, I would like to be a full-time pastor again. For the church to move through different stages and into greater growth, full-time attention will be required.

7. Wherever I am working, I am working for God
. Having been in the marketplace as well as the pastorate, I can see this principle at work in both places. I choose to make the most of every opportunity.

Well, I told you these would be random.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Two jobs HAS to be tough. And when people get tired, there’s often the temptation to give at the 50% level, and just do something adaquite.

    But Ken, it feels like you’ve really been giving all of the insight and guidance God has given you to us at LifePoint.

    You have to have been called by God to be a pastor, because I don’t think it could be sustained by any non God-blessed way.

    (I was going to say no mortal man could do it [cue Super Hero music])

    Been reading, but haven’t commented in a while – it’s always cool to hear some of the inner dialog, and not have our pastor’s thoughts be so above our thoughts.