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Everyone has a worldview whether they know it or not.

A worldview is simply your way of viewing the world.  How do you interpret events?  What assumptions do you have about reality?  Why is one thing right and another thing wrong?  A worldview is a lens through which you see, hear, and experience your environment.

We are surrounded by competing worldviews from the movies we watch to the books we read.  A movie that glamorizes adultery is selling you a worldview that fidelity doesn’t matter.  Advertisements that promise a happier life if you use Crest toothpaste are offering a worldview that places happiness purely on the surface.  Lady Gaga is offering a worldview that allows you to view more than you ever wanted to view.

One of the tasks of the church is to help Christ-followers follow Christ.  The process of discipleship is a matter of mentoring them in a new, alternative worldview.  We are to hold up superficial worldviews to the light of the gospel and help people see the holes.

Most people don’t think very intentionally about their worldview.  It just sort of happens and develops on its own.  That might be a fine approach to scrambling eggs, but I don’t want to live my life that way.