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As some of you know (especially my Facebook friends), I have finished writing my first novel. I began writing last fall, after I started commuting to work on the trolley. Every morning and evening I spend about 45 minutes each way on the trolley. I began reading novels to help pass the time and started ripping through them. San Diego’s Central Library is only three blocks from my office and I would walk there on lunch and swap out books.

After a few months of reading other people’s writing, I decided to write my own. Most of the novel was written on my Sprint smartphone(s) — the latest being an HTC Touch Pro. It has a slide-out, full QWERY keyboard with both function and CTRL keys. I did do some writing on my laptop, but the majority of the book was written with my thumbs and an occasional finger.

The novel is currently being read by three potential literary agents. Of course, there were many more rejection letters/emails than acceptance letters/emails. But I am very encouraged by the number who wanted to see the manuscript — and how quickly. Now, I am in the active waiting period.

So … I started a second novel. This one has been written exclusively on my HTC Touch Pro. It’s about a travelling evangelist who knowingly rips people off. Quite fun to write.

I always knew my thumbs would amount to something.