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your dollar makes a difference

Not every dollar we spend is equal in value.

God forbid, but if I spend ten dollars at McDonald’s on ten items from the dollar menu, the value of those dollars are different than if I spend ten dollars on a good book.  Penny-for-penny, each dollar bill is worth the same amount.  One hundred pennies equals one dollar.

But the value of a dollar is more than pennies.  It is determined by what that dollar accomplishes.

If you buy a candy bar, the value is a temporary sugar rush and pants that might not fit any more.

If you invest that same dollar in kingdom work, the value could be …

  1. A family that finds a place to worship together
  2. A child who hears the message that God created her and loves her and has a plan for her
  3. A missionary who is able to be God’s voice in places we’ll never visit (or be able to spell)
  4. A lost person who gets found
  5. A hurting person who gets healed
  6. A new church that changes the spiritual landscape of its community

In the end, it’s about more than dollars or cents.  It’s about people and priorities.  It’s about partnering with God to see eternal rewards.  That will always be better than a candy bar.