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your personal battery

Have you ever licked a battery to see if it still had any juice in it?  Me neither.

In the days before rechargeable batteries, when a battery went dead you would throw it away.  Now you just plug in your iPod or phone (or car) and recharge the battery.   It’s a wonderful thing!

When it comes to your personal battery, there are two important questions to ask: What drains my battery? and What recharges my battery?

It may be that what drains your battery is unavoidable — life happens.  We have responsibilities that must be lived up to.  It takes effort to be productive.  On the other hand, some of what drains our batteries might be unnecessary.  Distinguishing the necessary from the unnecessary — and reducing the unnecessary — actually extends our battery life.

How do you recharge your battery?  Do you read?  Exercise?  Take a day trip?  Have a 5 Hour Energy Drink?  It will be different for each person.  In fact, what may recharge your battery may actually drain mine.

Most of us never fully recharge our battery; we plug in long enough to get through the afternoon or meeting or weekend.  Eventually, this catches up to us and the battery may no longer hold a full charge.

So … what drains your battery?  How do you recharge?